How to Grow a Small Garden, Plants to Grow in a Small Space

How to Grow a Small Garden in a small space

Many people don’t have the luxury of a huge yard and lots of land to garden wherever they please. Many of us live in neighborhoods that have small yards and little to no space. Even though this might be the case we are going to come up with a plan on how to grow a […]

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Outdoor Organic Herb Garden for Beginners

Organic Herb Gardening for Beginners

Herbs can be an awesome addition to an organic garden. They can be relatively easy to grow and can be used in so many different ways. From cooking, teas, and homeopathic remedies herbs are a great plant to grow. Herbs can withstand many different climates and insects don’t usually bother them. Most herbs grow well […]

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The Best Flowers to Grow for an Organic Garden, Guide for Beginner Gardening

The Best Flowers to Grow for an Organic Garden

As I plan out my organic garden in a new location, I am going to plant more flowers and soil friendly plants than vegetables. I will have no time to correctly prep the soil this first year. My plan is to use this year in preparation of next year. I will only grow a few […]

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How to Start an Organic Garden, Start With A Plan

How to Start an Organic Garden for beginners

It’s spring time and that means everyone gets the hankering to start a garden. Even if every year you start a garden and once June and the busy days of summer hit, you move on to other things and the garden eventually dies from lack of attention. Despite our failures we always seem to come […]

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Tips on Growing Organic Strawberries in a Backyard Garden

Tips on growing organic strawberries in a back yard garden

Is there any better tasting fruit on an early summer day than a freshly picked strawberry? I think not. Berries grown in nutrient dense soil that you have prepared yourself are just beyond compare. Sweet, juicy, and bursting with flavor, all because you have taught yourself to Garden Like Nature. Let’s take a look at […]

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